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We are happy to introduce to you United Consulting Group, which has been active in the Russian marker for over 20 years. This booklet is designed to be an exhaustive source of information. We described all the aspects of our professional activities, corporate culture and prospects of development. We are proud of our customers and have the honor of introducing them to you. The booklet also contains some of their references. Well aware of the importance of service quality, we take part in the process of improving the general business culture in Russia and play an active role in the creation of materials for mass media in the fields of finance, law and management.

The quality of our work is attested to by awards and commendations.

Efficiency is what we focus our efforts on.

V. Antoshchenko

Basis of quality UCG’s products
Internal system of UCG’s trainings

We invest huge resources in training of our personnel, that is why we could guarantee quality of services and rare consulting products to our favorite Clients.

Оur Company created a special training system which consists of the long-term and multistage program considering development skills and knowledge, necessary as for achievement Client’s purposes as for emotional satisfaction from work with our personnel.

Our long-term experience shows that in the field of professional services the goal is reached, and the Client is dissatisfied, knowing this feature, we give special attention to skills of communications and goodwill of our personnel.

All Experts working with Clients, time in two months is trained in communications with certification due to Training center UCC.

The training system is based on servicing standards, and also on the standard of high level of reputation UCC. Training system comprises internal and external trainings, and special Days of knowledge which are devoted only to studying finance innovations, the Low, registration and psychology, also special exercises to understand a trade specific nuances for protection against errors and mistakes, all for ensure success.

The training center is our internal product and our strong pride. Contented look of our Clients is the major criterion of successful work.

Saint-Petersburg Main Office:
41 Ulitsa Komsomola, BC «Finlandskiy» Phone./fax: +7 (812) 325-48-60

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