Audit and Finance

Classical audit + finance consulting in taxes, accounts and laws, renewal and keeping of accounts, tax dispute advice.


General audit of accounts; 
Specific audits for managers or owners (check of compliance with currency laws, correctness of tax calculation and benefits, confirmation of debts and correctness of real estate evaluation. Check of cost correctness according to the applicable regulations and calculation). Internal audit of holdings; 
Preparation of documents for tax checks. 

Accounting service

Our professionals will save you 33% of time compared to ordinary accountants. 
Full 1C account keeping; 
Accounting services for divisions and offices, including offices abroad; 
Adjustment of accounts; 
Renewal of accounts; 
Unincorporated proprietors’ accounts; 
Calculation of wages; 
Calculation of taxes on wages; 
Any reports for tax agencies. 
At your discretion, the work may be done either in your or in our office. 

Finance consulting 

On-line provision of cosulting package for an unlimited number of hours;
Specific written or oral consultations in accounts and taxes; 
Consulting in the application of international tax conventions; 
Participation in your representative’s negotiations; 
Written advice on complicated issues in accounts and taxes; 
Corporate account policies; 
Review of tax agencies’ check reports and making of objections; 
Planning of international transactions; 
Schemes for the optimization of management systems; 
Managerial accounts; 
Budget consulting; 
Declarations for individuals; 
Consulting projects in: 
a) structural changes; 
b) purchase and sale of real estate and businesses; 
c) business evaluation; 
d) tax system adjustment (in capitals and elsewhere). 

Tax minimization projects

Offshore areas abroad; 
Russian offshore areas; 
Social tax and income tax reduction;
Profit tax and sale tax reduction. 

Training and certification of accountants
Annual certification of finance personnel; 
Quarterly mini-seminars for big companies’ accountants; 
Testing of prospective accounting personnel’s knowledge; 
Seminars on specific subjects including changes in accounting procedures.

Saint-Petersburg Main Office:
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