Wide scope of registration and licensing services meeting various requirements of modern business processes. Attending to problems associated with the creation, maintenance and liquidation of companies in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Turn-key registration 

of companies of various forms, including companies with foreign capital. You may take an active part in the entire process of creating your company by selecting its legal structure, name, amount, form and procedures of paying the authorized capital, procedures of management, statutes of association, accounts with specific banks, etc. 

Sale of ready-made companies 

Purchase of a ready-made company, when you can open a bank account and start your business on the very day when you contact us, is as reliable as turn-key registration. 

Registration of amendments in statutes of association 

When national laws change, amendments are to be made in companies’ statutes of association: 
1995: OAZT, AOOT, ZAO, OAO; 
1998: IChP, TOO, OOO; 
2002: ZAO, OAO. 
Any amendments both in statutes of association and corporate structure are to be officially registered, including changes of registered office, members (shareholders), amount of authorized capital, substituion of CEO or chief accountant, etc. 

Issue of corporation’s shares both at regional offices and the central office of the Federal Securities Commission of Russia

Registration of issues, prospectuses and reports on the issue of shares by close- and open-type joint-stock companies; 
Renewal of shareholders registers; 
Reports for the Federal Securities Commission 

Reorganization of companies of any complexity. 

Change of legal structure; 
Company liquidation and assignment of rights and duties to another company;
Assignment of some rights and duties to another company without winding companies up. 

Business licensing

Preparation of a package of documents and receipt of licenses in construction, design and other lines of business. 

Liquidation of companies

Companies may be wound up:
if decided by founders (members, shareholders); 
if ruled by court (when demanded by a duly authorized agency or municipality); 
in the event of bankruptcy. 

Additional services include the registration of unincorporated proprietors, creation of divisions and offices, receipt of business permissions and licenses for foreigners in the Russian Federation, registration for international transactions, etc.
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